How To Avoid Scammer While Seeking Secret Arrangements During Covid-19?

Last updated on July 6, 2020

secret arrangements

Seeking secret arrangements with well-off sugar daddies & sugar babies

The Covid-19 has changed plenty of things in our current and lifestyle in the near future, and all that we can do is to adapt the new lifestyle to keep us safe. Since it can be easily infected between people through “respiratory droplets” when symptomatic people sneeze or cough, so people are suggested to maintain at least a 6-foot distance between one and other people - what we called social quarantine.

Those changes and restrictions do affect the world of dating business, it supposes to entirely stop people seeking their secret arrangements. Surprisingly, there is an increasing number of rich men and attractive women who turn to online dating websites for social needs. Many people still doubt whether seeking secret benefits online is possible or not, just as plenty of people don’t believe there is online sugar daddy offering money without meeting. This page offers useful tips for seeking secret arrangements online but also listed some problems that real users have encountered to help our reader avoid those traps.

Avoid scammers, fakes, and frauds

A large number of real users complain that online dating websites are full of scammers, especially on sugar daddy dating sites, wherein sugar babies take way their money but block them immediately. Even some girls are trying to get your personal information or bank information. A new phenomenon shows that plenty of attractive sugar babies are a risk in selling pictures/videos online for money. As a result, sugar babies not only receive money after sending their private photos but are told their photos on some escort websites.

So how to avoid those scammers?

Tip #1: check whether his/her photo/email get verified

Usually, as one of the trustworthy sugar dating platforms, we promised to verify each account manually. It means each member who wants to verify their profile are required to provide their Driver’s License, State ID Card, or Passport, only when their profile information is in accordance with their ID could be verified. This process is to prevent people upload other’s image in their profile and ensure the person are the real people instead of what they tell who they are. When you browse other’s profiles, you can first check whether their image is from Google or another image website.

Tip #2: Check whether they are certified, sugar daddies

Income verified sugar daddies seem to be the most reliable men. To be certified sugar daddies, they are required to provide their income/ tax certification to prove their financial ability. In addition, premium sugar daddies are another point that shows whether they have the power to support their sugar babies. Conversely, sugar daddies are more likely to connect with premium sugar babies, as premium members can send unlimited messages to anyone instead of getting no response from standard members.

Tip #3: alert when people ask for your personal details or bank information

Never tell strangers your personal details and credit card information. This is the key point for you to avoid losing money and most dating websites have warned their members. Typically, sugar daddies are asking to exchange accounts of other social platforms such as Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on. Be careful when your sugar daddy is asking your social accounts where may contains your personal information.

What should you do when you find a suspected scammer?

After checking his/her profile, his/her photo is download from other websites, or he is trying to get your bank information by alluring with sugar baby allowance, or he never shows his respect or say something rude, you can choose to report this man/woman but also attach the proof and I’m sure he/she would be removed from our website immediately.

The most stable and reliable sugar relationship is to establish real attachment

Since people are forced to stay at home, so how to find a legit sugar daddy online giving you money without meeting? It’s common things that plenty of sugar daddies want physical connection by satisfying sugar babies' demands. That’s why it’s difficult for sugar babies to find real sugar daddies who really support them with money. Keep remembering that relationship is the crucial point to create a long-term stable secret arrangement, where both parties will have to make the continued efforts.

Protective measures for physical meetings

If both parties are finally determined to meet in person, then you must put those crucial protective messages in the first place. It contains:

1.Wearing masks and wearing the protective gear, and also regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap which could effectively kill viruses that may be on your hands.
2.Avoid going to crowded places. And try to maintain at least 1-meter distance between yourself and others
3.Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. And avoid shaking hands or kiss with others, cause the virus can enter your body and infect you
4.Keep up to date on the current information released by WHO or your local and national health authorities.
5.Stay home would be the best choice to avoid being infected.

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